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About Viegansong Press
Tim Wiegand was born and raised in upstate N.Y. and attended Syracuse University to receive his BA in Music Education.  Tim began teaching K-5 elementary music in 1997 in the Clark County School District in Las Vegas, where he was named C.C.S.D. new teacher of the year.  Tim quickly found that Las Vegas is renowned for their amazing Orff Curriculum and teacher training based out of the University of Nevada Las Vegas.  Tim received all three Orff levels and his MMEd from UNLV.

In 2004, 2005, 2010, 2013, 2015 and 2022 Tim presented sessions at the AOSA (American Orff-Schulwerk Association) national conference.  Tim has also been an active clinician around the country and in Canada.  As a percussionist Tim has found a deep passion for composing in the elemental style of the Schulwerk.

The German pronunciation of Tim's last name was the inspiration for our company's name.  Viegansong's sole purpose is to further the popularity of the Schulwerk, and offer teachers and children the opportunity to enjoy and benefit from Tim Wiegand's materials.  We look forward to publishing more of Tim's books so check back to the website often!  If you are interested in booking Tim for a workshop please contact us for rates and availability!

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Upcoming & Past Workshops

September 2011 North Dakota
September 2011 New Mexico
October 2011 St. Louis
October 2011 Alaska

February 2012 Kansas City
February 2012 Reno
March 2012 San Diego
March 2012 St. George Utah
April 2012 Tampa Bay
September 2012 Long Island

January 2013 South Dakota
March 2013 Seattle
August 2013 Florida MEA
September 2013 Las Vegas
October 2013 Portland
November 2013 AOSA Denver

January 2014 Houston
February 2014 Orange County
September 2014 South Florida
October 2014 Central Texas

January 2015 Inland Counties
January 2015 FMEA Conference
February 2015 Manitoba Canada
August 2015 Panama City 
August 2015 New Mexico
September 2015 Hillsborough FL
October 2015 Alaska
October 2015 Virginia Highlands
November 2015 AOSA San Diego 

January 2016 Houston
January 2016 Alberta Canada
February 2016 St. George Utah
April 2016 Mid-Michigan

January 21 2017 Idaho
January 28 2017 Missouri MEA
February 25 2017 Atlanta
April 8 2017 Detroit
April 22 2017 San Diego 
September 23 2017 Calgary
October 7 2017 Washington 
October 21 2017 Manitoba

February 24 2018 Idaho
April 7th  2018 North Texas
July 27 2018 Kansas Orff
September 22 2018 Seattle
October 27 2018 Arizona

February 2 2019 Portland
February 1 2020 Orange County
February 8 2020 Heart of America
February 17th 2020 Geary County 
March 7 2020 Rochester

October 16th 2021 Las Vegas
February 12 2022 Arizona 
March 5th 2022 Reno 
March 12th 2022 San Diego
November 9th 2022 AOSA KC

August 26th 2023 New Mexico
September 16th 2023 GC Oklahoma 
September 30th 2023 Wyoming
October 7th Orange County Orff 

January 19th 2024 Mississippi MEA
February 16th-18th 2024 Alaska 
September 7th 2024 Middle Tennessee
September 21st Spokane Washington
October 4th-5th 2024 Idaho

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